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Holistic Medicine Holistic Medicine
Receive thorough physical examinations complete with conventional laboratory testing and analysis for optimal health and athletic performance.
Expanded Expertise Expanded Expertise
Couple naturopathic and acupuncture treatments with personalized combinations of Western and Chinese Medicine, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, and lifestyle changes.
Athletic Performance Athletic Performance
Receive attentive analysis of pathology for the appropriate plan of care for optimal athletic performance. Effectively evaluate hormone levels, cortisol level, hematocrit, Iron, Ferritin, vitamins and minerals, and more.
Women's Health Women’s Health
Seek out expert experience in gynecology, specializing in pelvic pain and bio-identical hormones.
Oncology Support Oncology Support
Gain access to quality oncology support with Dr. Melissa Shays, an active member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
Community Leader Community Leader
Gain expert advice from Dr. Melissa Shays, a community leader and advocate for naturopathology, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine.
Insurance Accepted Insurance Accepted
Receive treatment verification and coverage from primary health insurance providers.
Timely Responses Timely Responses
Schedule same-day appointments, receive treatment updates, and get questions answered in a quick and timely manner via email.

Receive a blend of natural medicine, ancient wisdom, and modern science for healthy, sustainable living.

“Happiness, performance and health come from the cumulative things we do every day. Understanding how our day-to-day activities and choices impact our overall vitality is the key to finding optimal health. By blending ancient wisdom, natural medicine and modern science I give you the tools and treatments to help you feel your best, so that you can be your best. You’ll feel better, and most importantly you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and your health so you can reach your full potential,” says Dr. Melissa Shays.

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